Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This update comes from Val's husband John. There's good news and bad news.

First the good news: They had a very smooth trip to the camp. Thanks to all for prayers for travel mercies. They work! There was virtually no traffic all the way to Oakland Airport and no lines at the airport! The flight arrived in Kansas City 20 minute early...when is the last time that has happened to anyone? Since the luggage filled up the entire back of my Honda Pilot, all the way to the roof, we knew there would be a problem fitting all of that into the low-price economy car that was rented to get them from Kansas City to Purdy, Missouri. When they arrive at Enterprise, Val told the man they were on a mission trip and he gave they a van for only $5 more a day. Problem solved!

Now the bad news: There is no internet at Camp Barnabas. Val usually texts me occasionally, and once in a while is able to sneak in a call. Anything I learn, I will pass on, so don't stop checking. Unfortuately there won't be photos. Hopefully Val will put something together when she returns.

Please don't stop praying. This mission always brings many challenges and Val, the young men, and the campers will need them.

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