Sunday, June 13, 2010

I think it's Sunday...

At the campsite
This little guy and Snoopy hung out with us at the campsite.

Best buds, Aubrey and Emery.

Ariel and her CIA, Brynne.

Taylor and Jenetta are our 2 girls with prosthetics. I can never catch up with Taylor, who showed me how to do a headstand today, by the way!

Brooke insisted you can't say the "t" in British when you are speaking with a British accent, so she would say, "Bri - ish" and then just crack up!

Saturday was the big "excursion!" After breakfast, the girls, their chairs, bibles, sleeping bags and lots of bug spray were loaded into the "jolly wagon" and shuttled over to one of the campsites. The jolly wagon is like a tractor pulling a flatbed. I was not jumping for joy over the idea of camping. If Kelli can't get me to camp in a 5th wheel, I sure as heck don't want to camp without one! Besides there are chiggers and ticks and poison ivy out there! Was I surprised! This was the most fun day ever in all the years I have been here, and there have been some extremely fun days! The girls are now totally relaxed with each other and friendships have really formed. We made friendship bracelets and painted our nails and played telephone. After lunch and rest, one of the bays' cabins joined us. We played mafia (eat your heart out Joe Kraft!) and new friendships were formed. The girls decided to talk in British accents and laughed literally until they cried. The boys built a campfire and we roasted hotdogs, corn on the cob and of course, smores. The girls sang Justin Beiber songs (who is this kid?) and the boys did hilarious imitations of him. After the boys left, we tucked the girls into their sleeping bags and I hightailed it back to my bug-free cabin! Listennig to their laughter was so precious. Can you imagine 14 kids in wheelchairs and 2 with prosthetics in the middle of the woods, maneuvering over rocks and stumps and using a porta potty? Not one of them was least bit slowed down. These are amazing kids! And the CIA's carried kids over tree roots and lifted them on and off that potty with joyful spirits. This is an amazing place. What a privilege to be here.

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