Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day something or other!!!

I finally have some time to tell you about the week. My campers are all 9 years of age and just adorable. 2 of the girls were born without legs. Taylor has prosthetics and runs way faster than I can! Jenetta has prosthetics but still uses a wheelchair most of the time. Ariel was born with an unpronounceable name that affects her joints. She is in a chair all the time. Gracie doesn’t have any physical challenges – she’s a cute little pumpkin that came with a family serving here. The other girls – Brooklyn, Grace, Aubrey and Emery all have cerebral palsy and are in chairs. They really are very typical girls – in love with Justin Bieber and giggling over who knows what! They race each other in their chairs at speeds that can’t be safe! Although there are no complaints from any of them, I am humbled to see what it is like to live without legs that work.

Our theme for the week is “wanted,” At Pet Set, we met a hedgehog, 2 llamas and a host of other critters. The kids heard that God created all the animals and that He created them too. They heard that God never makes mistakes, that He created them uniquely and wonderfully and that He loves them so so much. At horseback riding, they learned that horses have bits and bridles so that we can lead them and keep them safe. They heard that God wants to lead us and we are happiest and will be satisfied when we follow Him.

My 8 CIA’s (Christians in Action) are amazing. They transfer the girls from wheelchair to potty like they have been doing it all their lives. I don’t know how many times they take the girls down the slide at the pool and then carry them back up to do it again. They get tired but never show it. They are all sweethearts and a joy to be around!

More to come….. Thanks for following along with me!

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