Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 2

Well, there actually is internet but it's pretty unreliable and I can only access it after 5:00, which is not a great time to leave my girls. I'll do my best! I have 8 little girl campers, all around 9 years old. 2 were born without legs, most of the others have cerebral palsy. Almost all use wheelchairs. They are so stinkin' cute! I tried to post pictures of the boys today. Next time, I'll try to post the girls!! These are in backwards order - sorry! So start at the bottom, I guess!

Josh took his buddy, Thomas down the waterslide!
Zak caught a fish!

Once on the dock, the girls are transferred from their chairs to the canoe and off they go! Grace is in the middle, Janetta up front and counselor Jess is in back.

Today our girls went canoeing. This lift brings them in their wheelchairs down, down, down to the lake.

The game tonight was Minute to Win It. Jon and Joey were picked to see how many apples they could stack in a minute. With a little help from Jon, they stacked 3. Joey and Jon got to squirt paint, oatmeal and ice water all over the couselor of their choice!

Emery gets a kiss from another camp doggy, Jackson.

Gus, the new camp puppy is not full grown! He's with 2 of my little campers, Taylor and Emery.

Jonathan and his camper, Joey. Joey is actually 14, but has a mental age of 8.

Zak and his camper, Lance. Lance is 15.

Josh and his camper Thomas. Thomas is 7, I think and pretty darn cute!

The campers are here!!

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