Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home again!

Our amazing week is over and we are home again! Each of us has hilarious shories of our new little friends. Each of us has stories of things we saw that touched us forever. And each of us has stories of how God worked in our own life. Please seek out Josh and Zak and Jonathan. Their stories will bless you deeply. I am so proud of these 3 young men. They allowed God to use them in ways they did not know He could. They dug deep down when they did not know they had any energy left to make memories for children they may never see again. Barnabas is now a part of them. That place gets under your skin until all you can do is count the days until you are back again! Their stories will be your stories and you will tell them again and again, and others will be blessed. They now hope to be able to raise their own scholorship money so that more and more children will have the opportunity to go to camp. If God lays it on your heart, please consider being part of the blessing. We will gather every dollar (and they do add up!) and send it to Barnabas to be used for the campers. For every $600.00 we raise, one of they boys' camp fees is waived and they are already planning next summer's trip! This blog is over and out!! Thanks for coming along with us! In His Love and Service, Val

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