Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cross carry

The last night of camp is the cross carry. On the cross are the names of the campers who have passed away. The cross is carried from cabin to cabin and each cabin has an opportunity to pray over it. 2 people are walking with the cross leading a quiet time of worship songs. It is a very somber and emotional time because some of these little campers have diagnosis' that are fatal. They are well aware that their names will be on that cross one day. Some of the campers are in the siblings cabin. They may have a brother or sister whose names are on the cross. And all of us are reminded of a loved one who has passed away. Please alllow me to just post some pictures of faces in the crowd. They tell the story of the the night much better than my words ever could.


  1. oh my gosh val - my heart is aching not to be there with you this year. the pix flood my heart with memories and prayers and excitement and hope. amazing blog - thanks for sharing. amazing woman and those boys. god bless you! love you! jill ayres

  2. Thanks Val for your leadership and faith to make this event happen. There are many monents in our lives and a few defining monemts. These were defining monents for the campers and defining monents for the three young men who traveled with you.
    Thank you,