Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday night

We got back from camping and spent most of the morning in the pool. There are 3 waterslides and all of us (me too) went down them again and again - SO FUN!! Later that afternoon, the girls began to get ready for the dance. The dance is always one of the most anticipated events of the week. The CIA's helped the campers to straighten or curl their hair, put makeup on and dress in their prettiest dresses. It took about 2 hours to perfect our girls!
Our beautiful girls!

The theme of the dance was the future. The boys spent about 5 seconds wrapping themselves in tin foil. That's Jonathan under there! Joey was eager to dance with his true love, Jacqueline!

Josh, Thomas and one of the doggies waiting for the dance to begin.

Brooke would love to marry staffer, Jamie, but settled for dancing with him!

The dance is nuts! 350+ campers and CIA's doing the macarena and other fun dances! And yes, you absolutely can dance in a wheelchair!
Tonight (Monday) is our last night at camp and is traditionally the cross carry. The cross bears the names of campers who have since passed away. All of the cabins line up up and down one of the paths and the cross is carried from group to group. Each of the cabins has a chance to pray over the cross. It is beautiful to participate and to watch how moved both the campers and adults become. After the cross carry, there is an open mike and any camper or CIA has the opportunity to come up and talk about the highlight of their week or what God showed them during the week. It is by far the most amazing evening imaginable to hear and see how lives were changed. The night goes long and we will be leaving camp at 9:00 tomorrow morning, so my next post will have to wait until we are back in Modesto. Thanks for coming along with us and for holding us up in prayer.

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